Guest speaker 7 Mar 2017: Louise Joy – Dr. Ida Scudder, Christian Medical College, Vellore





Due to illness, our guest speaker for February 7th, Louise Joy, had to be postponed at the last moment. Fortunately our planned guest speaker for March 7th, Taylor Coombe, was able to stand in at short notice and we thank Taylor kicking off our first meeting of the year. For those who were looking forward to Louise’s talk, we are pleased to advise that it will now be presented at our March 7th meeting.

Dr. Ida Scudder

Louise will be telling us of her experiences as a child of medical missionary parents in India at Vellore.   She has wonderful memories of Dr Ida Scudder who, in 1900,  founded the medical college to train Indian women as doctors – unbelievably to us, male doctors were not allowed to touch women.   Dr Scudder trained at Cornell University in the USA and then returned to India to impart her knowledge.

Vellore is now rated as the number one training college for doctors in North India.  Louise’s parents joined the staff at the College.   Her mother (Dr Edna Gault) worked in Skin, Venereal Diseases and Psychiatry;  her father Foundation Professor of Pathology and Dean of Men.

So a somewhat different emphasis than our usual speakers but it will be both interesting and entertaining.   Come and join us – everyone is welcome and supper follows the meeting.

A note for your diary – the Wallan Cemetery Tour, which was cancelled because of extremely wet weather late last year, will now be held at 5.30 pm on Saturday 18th March – and interesting twilight experience.  More later.

For any queries, please email  the Society at


Dr. Ida Scudder


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