Information on Mrs Kenny

Many thanks to the reader who contributed background information on the cover of the latest Kilmore Connections. Unfortunately the person who did so left no identifying details.

The lady in the picture is Julia Kenny (1842-1920).  The spinning jenny was made for her by her son Jack.

More information on the Kenny family can be found in the 1968 publication “A Brief History of Pyalong”.  John Kenny, farmer, was born in County Clare, Ireland, in 1844 and and emigrated to Australia in 1866 with his mother and siblings. His other brothers,  Michael and Patrick, were already at Pyalong. Julia was born Julia Mc Donald in County Wexford.  She worked as a housekeeper at High Camp prior to marriage.

The married couple lived for some time on a hundred acre property at Glenaroua. They had seven children, who all attended the Glenaroua school. Mr Kenny was for 33 years a councillor of the Pyalong  Shire.

Julia is buried in the Kilmore Catholic Cemetery.

8 thoughts on “Information on Mrs Kenny”

  1. Thank you for this post. I just found it, searching for Kenny & Kilmore. My 2xggrandmother Margaret was the sister of Julia’s brother, John. Have been trying to sort out the Kennys, so I’ll look out for the book on Pyalong. Once we can travel again, I’ll try and get up to visit. Many thanks, once again.


    1. Hi, my name is Tess Martin the article on Julia Kenny was wonderful. I too am a family historian. Margaret Kenny is my GG Grandmother and sister of John Kenny, Julia’s sister in law. I am wondering if you are one of my cousins from the Dillon family. My G Grandmother is Marcella Minogue. Please feel free to contact me.


      1. Hi Theresa – The article on Julia was written by our editor based on information left at our rooms recently. Our editor is not related to the Kennys. The person who left the information did not leave name or contact details. Sorry about this, Grahame Thom KHS.


      2. Thank you for responding. I had a cousin contact by email after reading my comment. So that was wonderful. Cheers


    2. On reading this over, I made a mistake in my excitement! Margaret was Julia’s sister-in-law, of course, and John’s sister. Have the book on Pyalong now, thanks for the tip. All best wishes, Kerry


  2. Sorry to be a nuisance, but further to my comment above, I went looking for Kilmore Connections and couldn’t find it. Is it a magazine, rather than an online resource, perhaps? Thank you for any information. All best wishes.


    1. Hi – “A brief history of Pyalong” is a typed manuscript with a limited distribution. We hold a copy, as does the State Library of Victoria. Kilmore Connections is the Society 12 page magazine and it is not online. There should be a copy at SLV. If you would like our Society to post to you a copy of Kilmore Connections and photocopies of the relevant Kenny Pages from “A brief history of Pyalong, please send $10 to the Society together with a letter describing your requirements and mention my name – Grahame Thom, research officer, KHS


  3. Hi – thanks for these posts. I am also researching my Kenny family roots which are in the Kilmore area as well. Unfortunately Julia does not look to be in my line. I am searching for Patrick Kenny (1810 – 1883) and his brother Peter Kenny (1808 – 1884). Both families emigrated from the Cloonburren/Ballinasloe/Moore/Roscommon area in the late 1850’s and after living in Kilmore for a short while ultimately took up farms around Wahring. I will take up your offer a well Grahame – just in case there is a connection with my Kennys – thanks Peter


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