corporal Joseph Harold Durkin

Corporal Joseph Harold Durkin was a Kilmore resident who enlisted for the First World War. There is a biography of Durkin on this website. His story is a tragic one in that he was murdered during his time in the armed services by a fellow soldier, who was executed for the crime.

He was the grandson of Bart Durkin, a local farmer with strong connections to St Pats Church, and the son of another Bart Durkin, who worked as a tailor in Kilmore.

We have been contacted by a UK historian who is interested in compiling a book on the Brookwood murders, Brookwood being the scene of J H Durkin’s death. He is particularly interested in photographs. We have no knowledge of any photographs of Corporal Durkin.

Do any Durkin descendants or relatives have any photographs or other data about this sad chapter of our local history ?

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New Committee

The Annual General Meeting of the Society was held on 2d Feb, some months later after the Covid19 restrictions caused it to be held over from Sept last year.

President : Alison (Ali) Coombe

Vice President : Grahame Thom

Secretary : Rose King

Treasurer : David James

Committee : Barbara Wilson, Francis Payne, Liz Dillon-Hensby, Brian Clancy.

Thank you to all those who were willing to stand. In particular we would thank Brain Clancy, who is a new face on the       Committee. Brian has a longstanding interest in local history and has done significant research of his own, and is in the process of gathering material for a projected book.

Appeal Re History of Post Office

We would be keen to hear from anyone who is familiar with the history of the bluestone Post Office on Powlett Street. We are particularly keen to hear oral histories from those who worked or lived here. If you have photographs of the interior we would be delighted to see and copy them. Either contact us via Facebook or drop in on our opening night on 2 February.

Remember – the February meeting will be the AGM and the official opening of the new premises.

Setting Up our new premises

Kilmore Historical Society has been setting up our new premises at the Old Kilmore Post Office, 2 Powlett Street (next door to the Court House). Here are some photos of the arrangement of the new premises:

A whole room devoted to newspaper archives
Lots of natural light in our rather nice new office
Another view of the office
-We have a museum! Are these girls asking one another “Why are we standing in a museum ?”
The research room. Fiche, CD’s, microfilm, and books will live here.
These old buildings tended to have large cupboards. They are very useful for printed records.

Identifying the Subjects of Photos

We have had a very encouraging response to the publication of these two photographs on our web site and in the local newspaper. Many people have contacted us with information about those involved.  The following is a collation of the various responses. There are still some unidentified faces and some disagreement as to who some of them were, so we are always happy to hear more suggestions. I have numbered all the individuals to make referring to them easier.

Deb Picture:



2 John Clancy

3 Don Comans

4 Pat McMahon

5 Brian Kelly



7 Doreen Lawrence

8 Judith Hayes

9 Margaret McMahon

10 Patricia Kelly or Mary Minogue or Mary Kelly

11 June Comans

12 Melena Younghusband

13 Maree Clancy


14 Margaret Hawes

15 Jim Butler

16 Eileen Butler

17 ? Rice


St Joseph’s Picture


1 ? Hansen

2 ? Hansen

3 Patrick Harrington


5 ?Walsh


7 John Stephenson

8 Phillip Clancy

9 John Deutscher

10 Charlie Hughes

11 Gary Davon

12 Peter Hughes

13 Michael Purdon


14 ? Hansen

15 ? Hansen


17 John Harrington

18 Anthony Zanelli

19 Bernard McConnel


21 Ralph Zanetta or Patrick McNamara

22 ? Simpson


24 Ted Hurst



26 Jimmy Miller

27 David Thomas


29 ? Chawaluk or Joseph halocki

30 Adrian Te Ve Luwe

31 Michael Skehan

32 Gavin Clancy

33 Jimmy Butler


35 John Moore or Gerard Allen

36 Martin Williams

37 Gerard  Wallace (Or Wallis)

38 Brian Wright

39 Ian Thomas


The re-imposition of Covid restrictions on Mitchell Shire means that we must keep any re-opening of the Historical Society on hold. The rooms will thus continue to be closed on Tuesdays, and on all other days.

The date of the AGM remains in doubt. Consumer Affairs had already issued a directive allowing an extra 3 months for AGMs, which gives us some leeway.

For the AGM to go ahead in August would require a dramatic improvement in the pandemic situation.

Our best wishes go out to all our members in these difficult times.

Cricket in Kilmore – 1986

Kilmore Free Press Wednesday, 17 September 1986, page 20

Cricket club to extend pavilion

Extensions costing approximately $30,000 will soon take place at Kilmore Cricket Club’s pavilion.

The extensions will provide added space for change rooms, functions, score box and kitchen renovations.

To enable the work to proceed, a small amount of additional finance is required.

The club is calling on community members and supporters to loan $50 (or multiples thereof) for up to five years.

These loans (or debentures) are fully repaid over the next five years.

Without some support from the community, the club may not he able to proceed within the next few months as planned.

Persons able to assist should contact treasurer Lawrie Boyd on 821271.

At the club’s recent annual meeting, Ray Cowell was re-elected as president for a second successive term.

Neale Wigney continues as secretary, and Lawrie Boyd as treasurer for yet another term.

Other committee members for 1986-87 are Barry Dixon, Merv Hanson, Rob Peterson, Alan Bensted, Denis Potts, Ashley Cardwell and Fred Baines.

The president thanked many committee members, cricketers and supporters for their encouragement, hard work and support during the previous season.

He noted that although on-field performances of teams – with the the exception of Under 16s – had been disappointing, the club has continued to be strong in administration and organisation.

This progress has led to planning for the building extensions to cater for the greatly increased number of teams, and the pleasing development of under-age cricket in Kilmore.

The first meeting of the new committee decided on the on-field leaders for 1986-97.

Lawrie Boyd continues as club coach, with Merv Hanson and Barry Dixon assistant coaches. All are very experienced cricketers, who are willing to help players of all ages to improve their performances.

Merv Hanson is the new ‘A’ grade captain, succeeding his brother Greg, with opening batsman Neale Wigney vice-captain.

Barry Dixon is again ‘B’ grade captain, with Ray Cowell his deputy.

Alan Bensted takes over as ‘C’ grade skipper, with Fred Baines vice-captain.

Training on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5 pm has begun and with the club struggling to obtain sufficient numbers, any newcomers will be very welcome.

There has already been strong interest from Under 16 players (training is on Wednesday evenings).

The committee hopes that those lads who have become too old for junior cricket will come along to practice and graduate to senior ranks this season.

The club is providing cricket for three senior teams, Under 16s, Under 13 and Under 10, and all who would like a game of cricket will be made very welcome.

Training dates for U13 and U1O will advertised shortly.

Stalwart Retires

One of the best known cricketers In the district has decided to retire.

Wallan stalwart Jim Coustley, who grew up at Darraweit Guim where he perfected his skills before eventually becoming a driving force with the Wallan club in the GDCA, has devoted 30 years to cricket.

He will be hard to replace, as he has held almost every position with the club on and off the field.

And what will Jim be doing this summer? Playing tennis!