Holiday Season Arrangements

The Kilmore Historical Society rooms in the Old Post Office will be officially closed for the holiday season from 14 Dec 2021 to Tuesday 1 February 2022. After that date we will resume the usual schedule of opening on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

However, there are still ways of contacting us for research or other purposes during the break:

  1. By email to
  2. By physical mail to 2 Powlett St Kilmore
  3. Via comments on our Facebook page
  4. If you have a need to make an actual visit, send us an email to the above address and let us know when you will be in town. If we have a definite time we can usually arrange to have someone in the rooms to help you.

A merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. Stay safe and look forward to a better 2022.

Welcome to the new Committee

Kilmore Historical Society held its annual AGM on Tuesday 7 December, followed by our Christmas breakup.

The new Committe was elected as follows:

President – Brian Clancy

Vice President – Grahame Thom

Treasurer – Rose King

Secretary – Barbara Wilson

General Committee – Liz Dillon-Hensby, Lorraine Coleman, David James, Francis Payne

The election of office bearers was conducted by Nathan Clarke, Mitchell Shire Councillor.

The Christmas breakup function followed the formal part of the AGM and was a good opportunity to catch up with old friends that we had seen little of during the long lockdowns.

The picture shows (L to R) Brian Clancy, Barbara Wilson, Grahame Thom, Cr. Nathan Clark.

New Grant Received

Kilmore Historical Society has just received a grant of $1500 via the Australian Government Volunteer Grants scheme, administered by local Members of Parliament.

This grant will enable us to produce a professionally printed brochure outlining our activities and membership opportunities. We had considered issuing a brochure earlier this year, but the cost of producing one of the standard we were hoping for was outside our budget.

Some of the money may also go to the purchase of archival storage boxes. The move to our new premises has triggered a huge re-arrangement of our collection, and we are very aware of the need for more archival storage to preserve or items.

December 7th – AGM and Christmas Breakup

We will be holding our annual AGM on December 7th at the Old Post Office, Kilmore at 6pm.

We will also be holding the annual Christmas Breakup function immediately afterwards. Please note that we cannot make this a barbecue as previously suggested, as the back yard of the Post Office is currently occupied by building materials from the construction works next door and is also a morass of churned earth.

Instead we will be hosting a ‘bring a plate’ function. Bring something to share. As there are no longer any density limits for indoor functions we will be able to host this inside the OPO.

All members and friends are welcome, especially if you are considering nominating for a position on the Committee.

November Schedule

To clarify our opening hours in November: we will continue to be open to visitors during the day on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays as follows:

Tuesday and Thursday – 10am to 3pm

Saturday 10am to 1 pm

The one exception is Cup Day ( 2d Nov) , when we will be closed for the public holiday.

As noted in the previous post, we will not be holding a General evening meeting with guest speaker.

November Meeting Cancelled

Please note that we will not be having a meeting in November. Current regulations would only permit us to have 11 people in the Old Post Office under the ‘4 square metre’ rule, which is not really enough for a general meeting with a speaker and an audience. We do expect to have a December meeting, which will be outside and therefore not subject to the same density limits.

AGM Scheduled for December

We have made a decision to hold the Annual General Meeting in December, and to hold it in the garden at the back of the Post Office, as an outdoor event. December is traditionally our barbecue, so we will combine business with pleasure and have a barbecue at the same time.

This is partly in response to the Victorian Government’s restrictions on numbers at indoor meetings. Outdoor meetings are classified differently and so we would be able to have more members at an outdoor meeting. Other restrictions will continue to apply.

So all are welcome to enjoy an AGM and a charred sausage in the fresh air.

Our hope is that these restrictions will be time limited and will cease at some stage in the New Year, allowing us to resume normal operations.

We are of course also keen to receive nominations for the officers and general committee members.

See you all on Tuesday 7 December at the back of the Old
Post Office, 2 Powlett Street, at 6pm onward.