3 thoughts on “Collections”

  1. Hi
    I found a key ring under my house , not sure if it of any interest to your historical society? About the size of a 10c piece “wallah wallan s.s old boys & girls assn” in the blue band around the perimeter. 664 in the middle in red, blue and white.
    Let me know?

    John Budd


    1. Hi John, thanks for letting us know about this key ring. Our Research rooms are open every Tuesday 10am to 3pm. If you happen to be in the area, please feel free to drop in and one of our members could have a look at it.


    2. Hi John

      I am the Society’s research officer and would like to add some comments. On 18 October we will be holding a public meeting in Wallan to promote awareness in the history of Wallan which may result in the formation of a Wallan Historical Society. Your key ring would make an interesting item to feature at that meeting. Could you possibly post a photo on this site please.

      Also a Wallan Old Scholars Association gets a mention in the Argus of 2 November 1934 as a reunion was held in Melbourne the previous Saturday when 65 people attended. Perhaps there is a connection.


      Grahame Thom


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