Kilmore Marriages

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  • CARBOY-NUNAN – Phillip CARBOY to Bridget NUNAN (Parents: John NUNAN & Catherine RYAN)


  • NOONAN-OBRIEN: Thomas NOONAN (Parents – John NOONAN & Catherine RYAN)  to Catherine O’BRIEN (Parents Laurence O’BRIEN & Mary MERRICK)


  • RUSSELL-GRADY: James RUSSELL (Parents – Arthur RUSSELL & Mary, nee BURNS) to Mary GRADY (parents – John GRADY and Bridget, nee FROLLEY)
  • CRONIN-HENRY: Tmothy CRONIN to Margaret HENRY
  • RYAN-BUCKLEY: Patrick RYAN  (Paretns – Stephen RYAN and Mary, nee CASEY) and Mary BUCKLEY



  • RATCLIFFE-GIBSON: Richard RATCLIFFE (parents – John & Harriet RATLEY nee WILKINS) to Jane GIBSON (parents – Robert & Sarah nee COCHRANE)
  • RYAN – HUNT: John RYAN to  Margaret HUNT


  • KEADY-O’CONNELL: Thomas KEADY (parents – John & Honorah KEADY, nee KENNY) to Catherine Mary “Kate” O’CONNELL (parents – Daniel and Honora O’CONNELL, nee MULCHAHY).
  • O’SHEA-QUARE  :   Thomas Kearney O’SHEA and Mary (nee QUARE)


  • CUSHEN-CAHILL: James CUSHEN (parents – John & Conorah CUSHEN, nee WALSH) to Winifred CAHILL (parents – Patrick & Bridget CAHILL, nee CONNOR)


  • CROOKS – POWER : John CROOKS to Johanna POWER (parents – John and Johanna (nee TATE) POWER


  • COMANS-KENNEDY: Cornelius COMANS (parents – Daniel & Mary nee RYAN) to Bridget KENNEDY (parents – Mathew & Margaret nee DWYER)
  • CURTAIN-KING: Martin CURTAIN (parents – Peter & Mary nee VAUGHAN) to Sarah KING (parents – Patrick & Hannah nee DONOGHUE)
  • DOYLE-FENNERTY: Bernard DOYLE (parents – Patrick & Mary nee HAYNES?) to Anne FENNERTY  (parents – James & Margaret nee LARRGY)
  • MOLONEY-DWYER: Edward MOLONEY (parents – Denis & Margaret nee HUZZY?) to Catherine DWYER (parents – Edward MALLOY & Mary HARRINGTON)
  • REARDON-LEAHY: James REARDON (parents – Michael & Anne nee DESMOND) to Margaret LEAHY (parents – Thomas & Elizabeth nee DWYER)
  • STEPHEN-CASHMAN: Robert Joseph Walker STEPHEN (parents – William & Margaret nee WALKER) to Margaret CASHMAN (parents – Thomas and Margaret nee O’SULLIVAN)


  • LeNEPVEU-CAMERON: Louis Magliore Le Nepveu (Father Jacques Le NEPVEU) to Christina CAMERON (Parents William CAMERON and Margaret, nee ROBERTSON)
  • WELLS – BURROWS : Wilfred WELLS and Mary Ann BURROWS




  • RICKARD-HILET: James Heath RICKARD (parents – Richard & Hannah nee HEATH) to Catherine HILET (parents – James & Ann HILET nee ENGLISH)
  • MAGUIRE – MONAGHAN: Patrick Bernard MAGUIRE to Margaret MONAGHAN (parents Edward MONAGHAN & Mary MONAGHAN (nee McGRATH)


  • DEVLIN / DUGGAN: Bernard DEVLIN (parents: Patrick DEVLIN and Nancy BRYSON) to Bridget DUGGAN (parents: John DUGGAN and Mary DWYER)
  • RYAN – FLINN:  Thomas RYAN (Parents: Denis RYAN & Winifred CAREW/CAREY)  to  Elizabeth FLINN (Parents: Michael FLINN & Barbara HEAVEY)


  • DORAN-ROBERTSON: February 25; David DORAN (Parents – Michael and Mary DORAN, nee BOURKE) to Mary Flora ROBERTSON (Parents – John and Rachel ROBERTSON, nee McINNES)
  • DUGGAN / DEANE: John DUGGAN (parents: John DUGGAN and Mary DWYER) to Ellen DEANE (parents: Patrick DEANE and Ellen EGAN)
  • HUNT-FLYNN: Thomas Vincent HUNT to Catherine Mary FLYNN
  • KIRBY-CALLAN: William KIRBY to Bridget CALLAN (Parents Franics CALLAN and Bridget CALLAN, nee BRADY
  • McCORMACK-HOGAN: Daniel McCORMACK (Parents James McCORMACK and Mary McCORMACK, nee DELANEY) to Margaret HOGAN (Parents William HOGAN and Julia HOGAN, nee McGUIRE)
  • MACKENZIE-MOONEY: John McKENZIE  Parents Alexander and Alexandria MACKENZIE) to Anastasia MOONEY (Parents James MOONEY and Mary MOONEY, nee RYAN)


  • HICKEY – CALLAN Maurice Hickey to Catherine CALLAN (Parents Francis CALLAN and Bridget CALLAN, nee BRADY


  • BOYD – PETTIT   : Charles BOYD – Parents William and Jeannett BOYD (nee  DOCHERTY) to Sarah (PETTIT) Parents Henry and Frances PETTIT (nee  ALLEN)


  • DOLPHIN -BUCKLAND: Oliver DOLPHIN – Parents Oliver and Priscilla DOLPHIN to Emma BUCKLAND – Parents James and Sarah BUCKLAND (nee JEAL).


  • MCDERMOTT-ROBERTSON: Peter MCDERMOTT ( parents Patrick and Mary nee FLYNN) to Flora ROBERTSON (parents John and Rachel (nee MCINNES)



  • FINN-WADE: Edward FINN (parents – William FINN and unknown) to Mary Catherine WADE (parents – Thomas and Ellen WADE, nee EGAN)
  •  HAYDE-DENSWORTH: James HAYDE (parents – James  & Mary  HAYDE nee QUINLAN) to Mary Catherine DENSWORTH (parents – James and Mary DENSWORTH nee RYAN)
  • O’BRIEN-HOGAN: Cornelius O’Brien (parents William and Mary O’BRIEN, nee CONWAY) to Ellen HOGAN (parents Matthew and Mary HOGAN, nee RYAN)


  • KENNEDY-HOURIGAN: Patrick KENNEDY (parents unknown) to Catherine HOURIGAN (parents – Michael and Mary HOURIGAN, nee LYONS)


  • MONAGHAN – LYNCH : Terence MONAGHAN (parents – Edward MONAGHAN and Mary MONAGHAN, nee MACGUIRE)  to Margaret LYNCH


  • KEADY-O’BRIEN: John Patrick KEADY (parents – unknown) to Margaret Ellen O’BRIEN (parents – Timothy & Anne nee MEANY)
  • COOKE-RYAN: Nicholas Michael COOKE (parents – Patrick & Mary nee WALSH) to Margaret Annie RYAN (parents – Thomas & Bridget nee KEANE)
  • NUNAN – COOPER: John Philip NUNAN ( Parents: Matthew NUNAN & Bridget O’NEIL) to Theresa COOPER (Parents: Joel COOPER & – Margaret SULLIVAN)


  • KING-DEEVES: Patrick KING (Parents – Edward KING and Judith (Julia) nee WALSH) to Maryanne DEEVES
  • KING-HARVEY: Michael KING (Parents – Edward KING and Judith (Julia) nee WALSH) to Agatha HARVEY
  • QUINLAN-NUNAN: Dennis Michael QUINLAN (Parents – Thomas QUINLAN and Alicia/Alice nee HORAN) to Margaret Theresa NUNAN (Parents Matthew NUNAN and Bridget, nee O’NEIL)


  • HOURIGAN-COMANS: Thomas HOURIGAN (parents – Michael & Mary nee LYONS) to Margaret COMANS (parents – Cornelius & Bridget nee KENNEDY)


  • BAXTER-LeNEPVEU: John Lindsay BAXTER to Margaret Robertson LeNEPVEU (Parents Louis LeNEPVEU and Christina CAMERON)
  • LEYDON-SORRAGHAN: Edward LEYDON (Parents – Peter and Mary nee RYAN DWYER) to Mary Jane Agnes SORRAGHAN (Parents – Nicholas and Margaret nee RUXTON)


  • KING-HICKEY: Mary KING (Parents – Edward KING and Judith (Julia) nee WALSH) to Daniel HICKEY
  • PEARSON-DOOLEY: James PEARSON (Parents – Richard & Jane nee CAMERON) to  Bridget DOOLEY (Parents – Michael & Bridget nee HAYES)


  • KING-SORRAGHAN: James KING  (Parents – Edward & Johanna nee WALSH) to Hanora SORRAGHAN (Parents – Nicholas & Margaret nee RUXTON)
  • KING-SORRAGHAN: Michael KING (Parents – Edward KING and Judith (Julia) nee WALSH) to Norah SORRAGHAN


  • ANSTEE-BURROWES: James ANSTEE (Parents George & Ann ANSTEE, nee JUDGE) to Mary BURROWES (Parents unknown)
  • NUNAN – FITZGERALD: Thomas Joseph NUNAN (Parents: Francis(Frank) NUNAN & Ellen MULLANE) to Margaret FITZGERALD ( Parents: John FITZGERALD & Margaret HORAN)


  • CUSHEN-ANSTEE: John Joseph CUSHEN (Parents – James & Winifred CUSHEN, nee CAHILL ) to Rebecca ANSTEE (Parents – George & Ann HANSTY, nee JUDGE)


  • KING-LALOR: Edward KING (Parents – Edward KING and Judith (Julia) nee WALSH) to Margaret LALOR


  • BUDD-SORRAGHAN: Alfred William BUDD (Parents William Hartley & Alice nee CORRY) to Sarah Louisa SORRAGHAN (Parents Nicholas & Margaret nee RUXTON)
  • KELLY-COMANS: John KELLY (parents – William & Bridget nee HAYES) to Mary COMANS (parents – Cornelius & Bridget nee KENNEDY)
  • SORRAGHAN-CURRY: William James Thomas SORRAGHAN (Parents – Nicholas & Margaret nee RUXTON) to Jane Louisa CURRY (Parents Michael & Jane nee MCDONALD)


  • QUILLINAN-SORRAGHAN: Mathew QUILLINAN (Parents:  Michael & Catherine nee FUNNEN/FINNEN/FIRMAN) to Annie SORRAGHAN (Parents: Nicholas & Margaret nee RUXTON)



  • KEADY-OBRIEN: Michael Timothy KEADY (Parents Patrick Nolan KEADY and Bridget, nee CUSACK) to Ellen Amelia O’BRIEN (Parents: Timothy O’BRIEN and Annie, nee MEANY)


  • MCPOYLE-SORRAGHAN: Thomas James McPOYLE (Parents: James & Ellen nee CANTWELL) to Margaret Adeline Eugene SORRAGHAN (Parents: Nicholas & Margaret nee RUXTON)


  • CLARKE-SORRAGHAN: James CLARKE (Parents unknown) to Teresa Mary SORRAGHAN (Parents Nicholas & Margaret nee RUXTON)
  • LUCAS-PARISH: Eli LUCAS (parents – Samuel & Hannah nee SMITH) to Lucy Grace PARISH (parents – George & Sarah Agnes nee LEACH)


  • DEVLIN- LEE: Bernard Henry DEVLIN (parents: Bernard DEVLIN and Bridget DUGGAN) to Mary LEE (parents: James LEE and Mary MAIDMENT)


  • LUCAS-SMIDT: Eli LUCAS (parents – Samuel & Hannah nee SMITH) to Maria Susannah SMIDT (parents – Thomas Surrenson & Lyda Wood, nee WHITE)


  • COMANS-RYAN: Daniel COMANS (parents – Cornelius & Bridget nee KENNEDY) to Bridget RYAN (parents – Thomas & Bridget nee KEANE)


  • BOYD-MCPOYLE (neeSORRAGHAN): Charles Robert BOYD (Parents: James & Alice Mary nee COOK) to Margaret Adeline Eugene (SORRAGHAN) McPOYLE (Parents Nicholas SORRAGHAN & Margaret nee RUXTON)



  • BOYD – McLEOD:  Albert Joseph (Parents Charles and Sarah BOYD (nee PETTIT) to  Jessie (MCLEOD) Parents William and Mary MCLEOD (nee CAMPBELL)



12 thoughts on “Kilmore Marriages”

  1. 1885 Marriage: William Henry Hammett to Emma Knights on 29 July 1885 at Kilmore Wesley Parsonage. Parents, respectively, Edmund James Hammett and Mary Rogers Millman: William Knights and Caroline Goulson.


  2. My Mothers maiden was Seaton Caroline Knights, who was the grand daughter of Caroline Coulson; and I have in my possession Caroline Coulsons wedding ring.


  3. Kilmore Marriages 1877. Can’t open any links. Hope this is ok. Listed under 1877 Marriages on Graeme’s site = O’Brien-Hogan – Cornelius O’Brien (parents William O’Brien & Mary née Conway) to Ellen Hogan (parents Matthew and Mary Hogan née Ryan). Small problem, I have Ellen the eldest of five children born in Ireland to Catherine Ryan and Mathew Hogan, 3 children died in childbirth in Ireland. Mathew Hogan, Cooper at Kilmore, 4 Mill St (Heritage Protected) was the brother of my great-great grandfather Michael Hogan. Children of above Maria (Frisby), Catherine (Kate), Amy and Mathew Jnr including their parents Catherine and Mathew Hogan buried at Kilmore. Ellen is at the Burramine Cemetery with two of their children, Cornelius and his son William and daughter Ellen are buried at Fawkner. Help with Mary/Catherine Hogan née Ryan she lived and died in Kilmore! Thanks.


    1. Hi Anne – Thanks for your message. Regarding the link under the 1877 marriage, it should take you to an email page addressed to the person who added the Hogan marriage in our web site. Thats so you can then send an email to the person expressing interest, similar to your message. We have done research on your O’Brien/Hogan family for someone in the past so there will be a file in our collections at the Courthouse. I am at home now so cant check.

      We are taking out annual break now and will reopen at the Courthouse on Tuesday 6 February just in case you were thinking of visiting.

      Our research arrangements are set out on our web site at

      Cheers – Grahame Thom, research officer KHS


      1. Enjoy the rest of your well deserved break. Thank you for responding. I did try the link on that marriage but nothing happened, several times. Thanks anyway. Nearly all the records I have show Ellen’s mother as Catherine including a number of kilmore Press articles. Catherine and her son Mathew died within days of each other. Quite sad but a rather large Kilmore funeral if I am to believe what I have read. I wasn’t there! Thank you again for your help. Anne M
        Refs: Catherine = KP p3 Thur 10 Aug 1905 &
        Matthew son = KP p3 Thur 17 Aug 1905


  4. You wouldn’t believe it! Just tried your suggestion to tap on the name I was interested in and this time got through with the name Margaret O’Callaghan at the top of a blank email. So excited. Wrote message and just received message back. Name and address incorrect – message failed. My excitement disappeared rapidly. Thanks again. Sorry to be such a nuisance.


    1. Hi Anne,
      The Kilmore Births, Marriages and Deaths pages on our site are provided purely as a service to help researchers with common family links to connect. Its origins started in 2000. This particular submission was provided over 17 years ago and unfortunately, people in those days tended to change emails often as they moved from one service provider to another. With web based mail such as gmail, etc there is probably a greater chance of an email address remaining relevant. Unless the submitter informs us of an updated email address we end up with the situation we have here, a dead link. It is questionable whether we should continue to provide this service if the email addresses continue to fail as it just leads to excitement then frustration as you have experienced and we apologise for that. We would be interested to learn your thoughts on this. At this stage, all we can do is remove the email link and just leave the information sitting there; itself a time-consuming task as this particular researcher submitted approximately 30 entries.
      – Peter P, KHS Web Admin


      1. Many thanks for your response. In the scheme of things, I would not like to cause any problems and it is wonderful to find like connections. Sad as it seems that no contact can be made to further my research with the person who submitted the details in the first place, I feel have had some wonderful assistance of Help to try to sort this out, firstly with Grahame Thom and now you. I am very grateful for your assistance. No doubt it is great to see a family connection and because some of the information I felt was incorrect, I will continue my research and check other sources, including if I get the opportunity to come to the Kilmore Historical Society from Central Victoria. No doubt you will decide what’s best for the Society. Thanks.


      2. Thanks Anne,
        We will leave the data there for now; the links have just been deleted. At least you have a name of a fellow researcher (from 17 years ago) so you could always try Googling them and see if they appear on any other genealogy/family history message boards, etc on the web.
        – Peter P. Web Admin


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