Petition to Establish a Municipality for Kilmore

In 1853 the Roads Act, was passed and received Royal assent; this Act provided for the establishment of Roads Boards in the Colony of Victoria.  This was followed in 1854 by the Municipal Institutions Act.  It took the citizens of Kilmore some months before a petition was organised seeking the establishment of a municipal district for Kilmore.


Government of the Colony of Victoria

Government Gazette No 66 – 10 June 1856, pages 974-975


Chief Secretary’s Office

Melbourne, 10th June 1856.


Petition for Municipal Institutions


In pursuance of the Act of Council, 18 Victoria, No 15, His Excellency the Officer administering the Government, with the advice of the Executive Council, has directed the publication of the substance and prayer of a Petition to His Excellency hereafter set forth, signed by the One hundred and eighty landowners and householders of the Town of Kilmore, in the County of Anglesey (sic).


By His Excellency’s Command

W C Haines – V4296


The Petitioners state that they are deeply impressed with the opinion that it would tend greatly to the improvement and good government of the town of Kilmore, that it should be incorporated as a Municipal District, the boundaries to comprise only the old and new townships of Kilmore, leaving the farmers of the rural districts to avail themselves of the Act, or otherwise, as may seem best.


And the Petitioners pray as follows :-

Your petitioners therefore humbly pray your Excellency to proclaim the said town a Municipal District, under the provisions of the Municipal Act, 18 Victoria, No 15


Signed (reordered in alphabetical order)


Abbott, George, Sydney street, Kilmore

Allen, Robert, Lamb street, freehold, Kilmore

Ambrose, William, X, Albert street, freeholder

Apodd, John, Sydney street, Kilmore

Audliffe, Sydney street, householder

Ballantine, Wm. Gilbert, Sydney street, Kilmore

Bamford, James, Powlett street, Kilmore

Beavan, Fredk. W C, surgeon, Sydney street, leaseholder

Beckett, William, Fitz Roy street, freeholder

Bergin, Daniel, Sydney street, Kilmore

Beveridge, Au., freeholder

Bidstrup, Niels, cabinet maker, Kilmore

Binge, Fred., Powlett street, Kilmore

Bossinic, Thomas, Sydney street, Kilmore

Bott, J., householder, Kilmore

Bourke, Laurence, Sydney street, Kilmore

Bruce, John, Sydney street, Kilmore

Bunk, Joseph, X, Sydney Street, Kilmore

Burkitt, Sampson, White street, Kilmore

Burston, Samuel, storekeeper, Sydney street, freeholder

Butler, John, Sydney street, Kilmore

Cadwallader, William, Powlett street, Kilmore

Caldwell, Andw., Victoria street, landowner

Campbell, Peter, freeholder, Kilmore

Carrol, Michael, X, George street, freeholder

Cassells, George, freeholder, Kilmore

Clark, Reay, Clarke street, Kilmore

Clarke, John, Powlett street, Kilmore

Clelan, Andrew, Gipps street, freeholder

Corbett, Cornelius, Fitz Roy street, freeholder

Cortoy, P., Powlett street, Kilmore

Coster, Frederick, freeholder, Kilmore

Couster, James, Sydney street, freeholder

Cronan, Timothy, X, George street, freehold

Crossley, James, Sydney street, Kilmore

Cunningham, Charles A., MD, householder, Kilmore

Dean, Thos., Victoria street, freeholder

Dickenson, Joshua, White street, Kilmore

Dobinson, John, Sydney street, Kilmore

Donald, Hector W., Sydney street, Kilmore

Dooling, John, White street, Kilmore

Down, Samuel, stonemason, leaseholder

Doyle, David, householder, Kilmore

Duffy, William, householder, Kilmore

Edkins, H J, Powlett street, Kilmore

Easdale, Robert, Fitz Roy street, householder

Filer, Richard, Powlett street, Kilmore

Fitzjohn, James, George street, householder

Fitzjohn, Samuel, Victoria street, freeholder

Flangan, H., Gipps street, householder

Fogarty, John, Powlett street, freeholder

Foster, Christopher, Alfred street, freeholder

Foster, James, George street, freeholder

Foster, Jesse, George street, freeholder

Froggatt, William, Albert street, Kilmore

Furnothy, Michael, Powlett street, Kilmore

Garrett, James, Gipps street, freeholder

Garvis, Richard, X, Victoria street, householder

Gibbons, John, Gipps street, freeholder

Glover, Peter, Sydney street, freeholder

Grace, William, Patrick street, householder

Green, John, Powlett street, freeholder

Green, Richard, Fitz Roy street, freeholder

Griffiths, John, Albert street, Kilmore

Hammonds, John, Sydney street, Kilmore

Hamlin, James, per A Caldwell, agent, White street, freehold

Harrison, Alfred R C., George street, householder

Hatten, Richard, Lumsden street, Kilmore

Hawden Jas, Hamilton street, householder

Hawden, John, Hamilton street, freeholder

Hawden, Wm, Hamilton street, freeholder

Heelis, Edward, Sydney street, freeholder, Hamilton Street

Hickey, Patrick, Sydney street, Kilmore

Hodder, John, Sydney street, Kilmore

Holdsworth, Thomas, Powlett street, Kilmore

Howard, John Albt, householder, Kilmore

Hudson, George, Sydney street, householder

Inns, Lachlan W, Sydney street, Kilmore

James, John, freeholder, Kilmore

Jamieson, Robert, Sutherland street, Kilmore

Kereess, John, Sydney street

Kerr, William, Fitz Roy street, freeholder

King, Josiah, Union street, householder

Kinneard, George, George street, freeholder

Laing, James W, Fitz Roy street, householder

Lamb, Thomas, Sydney street, Kilmore

Lansley, George, Sydney street, Kilmore

Lapham, Samuel, Union street, householder

Lendrum, J., Sydney street, Kilmore

Linton, A., JP, freehold, Fitz Roy street, Kilmore

Loftus, Rodger, Union street, Kilmore

Lorraghen, Owen, householder, Sydney street, Kilmore

Lynch, John, George street, freeholder

McCormick, Allan, Powlett street, Kilmore

McCormick, Archd., Powlett street, Kilmore

McDonald, J., Sydney street, Kilmore

McDonald, John, Powlett street, Kilmore

McGregor, Donald, Sydney street, freeholder

McInnes, Donald, freeholder, Kilmore

McIntosh, Daniel, freeholder, houses and land, Victoria street, Kilmore,

per W E Stewart, his agent

McKay, Alex., mortgagee of property, Victoria street, Kilmore,

per W E Stewart, his agent

McKenzie, Alexander, Sydney street, Kilmore

McKenzie, Jas, Clarke street, Kilmore

MacKenzie, James, Victoria street, householder

MacLean, Kenneth, Kilmore

McPherson, J., Sydney street, Kilmore

Madden, Joseph, Powlett street, householder

Maloney, John, White street, Kilmore

Maloney, Thomas, X, Sydney street, freeholder

Mannix, James, Sydney street, Kilmore

Masterson, J., freeholder, Kilmore

Matthew, William, householder, George street

Maxfield, Jas., Sydney street, Kilmore

Meade, Thomas de C., freeholder, Kilmore

Minehan, Patt., farmer and freeholder, Sydney street, Kilmore

Morrisroe, John, sen., Foot street, householder

Morrisroe, John, Foot and George street, freeholder

Mountford, Charles, Albert street, freeholder

Mullan, William, Victoria street, freeholder

Nelson, Alexander, Sydney street, Kilmore

Nicolson, D N., Sydney street, householder

Nicolson, Lachlan, Sydney street, Kilmore

O’Brien, Timothy, X, Union street, freeholder

O’Dea, Patrick, freeholder, Sydney street, Kilmore

Onley, Charles, Michael street, Kilmore

O’Rourke, T., Sutherland street, Kilmore

Osborn, James W., Andrew street, Kilmore

Paterson, William, Victoria street, Kilmore`

Paton, William, X, Young street, Kilmore

Paxman, Thomas, freeholder, Kilmore

Peace, P, freeholder, Kilmore

Percevall, James, X, (witness Geo. Abbotts), Bourke street, Kilmore

Platt, John, Victoria street, freeholder

Purse, Wm Joseph, surgeon, Powlett street, Kilmore

Rankin, John, householder, Sydney street, Kilmore

Reay, Joseph, Sydney street, householder

Reeves, Thomas, X, Fitz Roy street, freeholder

Richardson, William, Powlett street, Kilmore

Roberts, Henry, Powlett street, Kilmore

Roberts, Thos., freeholder, Kilmore

Roberts, Thomas Frederick, Sydney street, Kilmore

Robinson, Joseph, X, Victoria Street, householder

Ross, Thomas, Sydney street, Kilmore

Ryan, John, Lumsden street, Kilmore

Ryan, Patrick, Fitz Roy street, freeholder

Ryan, Thomas John, householder, Kilmore

Siffer, Wilfuln, George street, freeholder

Singleton, William, Jun., freehold, Church street, Kilmore

Singleton, William Jones, Powlett street, Kilmore

Skehan, Patrick, George street, householder

Smeaton, Wm, Powlett street, freeholder

Smedley, William, New Township, freeholder, Kilmore

Spurling, William, freeholder, Kilmore

Stewart, Alexander, Andrew street, freeholder

Stewart, W E, freeholder, Kilmore

Sutherland, A., householder, Kilmore

Sutherland, George, Victoria street, Kilmore

Swan, Hugh, Sydney street, auctioneer

Taylor, Daniel, Sydney, street, householder

Taylor, John, Sydney street, householder

Templeton, Edward, X, Sydney street, freeholder

Tilsen, Charles, Victoria street, Kilmore

Trainor, J K., freeholder and merchant, Sydney street, Kilmore

Twynam, William Edward, freeholder and solicitor, Kilmore

Tyrrell, Denis, Powlett street, Kilmore

Underdown, Lycurgus, Victoria street, householder

Ward, Matthias Joseph, Powlett street, Kilmore

Ward, Thos., X, Gipps street, householder

Warren, James, Sydney street, Kilmore

Weaver, E. freeholder, Kilmore

Weeking, Jno., nurseryman, &c., Newtown, Kilmore

Wells, Thomas, George street, householder

Wibrow, John, Victoria street, Kilmore

Williams, George, George street, householder

Willis, Gordon, Sydney street, householder

Wilson A., Powlett street, Kilmore

Wilson, Thomas, X, Victoria street, freeholder

Wilson, William, Albert street, Kilmore

Wolf, John, householder, White street, Kilmore

Wood, William, Fitz Roy street, freeholder

Woodward, Edward, Sydney street, freeholder, Hamilton street

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