Privacy Statement


The Kilmore Historical Society Inc (KHS) collects personal information about members to allow it to maintain membership records and provide services. KHS also holds personal information in relation to research enquiries from members and non-members.

KHS is committed to protecting the privacy of our members and other uses of KHS records and this website. Any personal information collected by KHS in relation to a living person will only be used for the purpose intended, for example, in the Society’s newsletter and its distribution. If there is personal information about a living person in research records held by KHS, access will not be granted unless it is for genuine research purposes.

KHS does not disclose personal information to any third party, except where prior approval is given by the member or non-member. Personal information will also be disclosed where KHS is required to do so by law. Privacy requirements do not apply to deceased persons, however KHS will only release information in relation to deceased persons where it is for research purposes.

At any time a person may request access to personal information held by KHS about themselves. If any personal information about a person is found to be inaccurate please advise KHS.

KHS does not place personal information about living persons on its website or Facebook page unless it is in relation to the administration of KHS, or the person involved has agreed or has posted a comment.

When sending messages by email, KHS will use the blind copy facility (bcc) for the distribution of the newsletter and for any announcements to all members, such as events.

KHS cannot be held responsible for the privacy practices of other websites linked from the KHS website and Facebook page. KHS does not use credit card facilities.

From time to time KHS may review and update its privacy statement. If this happens. the revised version of the privacy statement will be made available on its website.

This privacy statement is in keeping with the Australian Government’s National Privacy Principles. More information about these Principles can be found on the Australian Information Commissioner’s website.

July 2018

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