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Sydney Street – Kilmore: Past & Present. This small book contains twenty one “Past” photographs of Sydney street, taken over the period 1860s to 1950s, together with twenty one “Present” photographs taken in 2011 showing the same view. Each photograph has a caption identifying buildings and businesses. All photographs are black and white. The book is approximately A5 in size. To order a copy, download an order form and mail  it to the society.

Those That Came Before

Kilmore – Those That Came Before  A book of reminiscences, published in 2007 to mark the Society’s 40th anniversary – 254 pps. To order a copy, download an order form and mail  it to the society.

Kilmore on the Sydney Rd

Kilmore on the Sydney Road by Maya V Tucker $35 (hardcover)

Kilmore on the Sydney Road is the story of a small country village, borough and Shire in Victoria.  It is also a tribute to the pioneers who settled the district and struggled courageously to tame the land and give their children a better life than that provided by England, Ireland or Scotland.

How the pioneers built Victoria’s oldest inland town is entertainingly outlined in this book, from Hume and Hovell’s 1824 explorations to today’s development of a desirable rural environment close to Melbourne.  Just some of the families remembered here include the Beveridges, Bossences, Butlers, Castles, Clancys, Crossleys, Drurys, Goods, Hudsons, Hunts, Kinnears, Meades, O’Donoghues, O’Dwyers, Smeatons, Stills, Stimsons, Sugdens, Taylors and Trainors…Commissioned by the Shire of Kilmore to mark its 150 years of history for publication in Australia’s Bicentennial year” – Dust jacket

To order a copy, download an order form and mail  it to the society.

The Tale of the century: Kilmore 1837-1937 A history of Victoria’s oldest inland settled town by J A Maher – out of print

In 1937 John Maher decided to honour the memory of the pioneers of the Kilmore district by examining and documenting their role in the development of Kilmore over the last century.  His was a personalised account.  He recorded the important events and achievements in the Kilmore district, from the arrival of the first cattlemen in 1837 to contemporary times.  He also included brief personal sketches of local families.This book first published in 1938 has been republished with an index and original photos.

A Walk in Kilmore compiled by Anne Holloway illustrated by Joy Gleeson $2*

A Guide with map published by the Kilmore Historical Society.  It gives a short description of some of the interesting buildings and drawings of many of those buildings which are classified or recorded by the National Trust. Out of print

A Second walk in Kilmore compiled by Anne Holloway illustrated by Veronica Bird 

A follow up to the first guide, this one takes in those buildings which are furthest away from the main Sydney Street area, including some in the “New Township”. Out of print

A Drive around the Rutledge Survey by Anne Holloway Out of print

Prints of illustrations by Joy Gleeson and Veronica Bird used in the Walk in Kilmore series.  A4 in size. Unframed $5,  mounted $15 and framed $20.

Newsletter Back issues of Kilmore Connections $3 ($4 for mail order within Australia)

Postage within Australia and anywhere in the world if required is extra.  Price on application.

Please send your payment and order to:

The Secretary
Kilmore Historical Society,
P. O. Box 206,
Kilmore, Victoria, 3764

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