Research Names and Subjects

The following is a list of surnames and subjects that the Society has researched as a result of inquiries prior to April 2012.  In many cases there is information on associated surnames. If you are interested in any of these persons or subjects, or any other person or subject,  please submit a research inquiry form together with payment – see Research Service. This index is being gradually updated and as January 2017, A to E has been updated.


Adeney, A’Hearn, Allen, Amery, Anderson, Armstrong, Arnold


Bacon, Baker, Ballantine, Banfield, Banks, Bantock, Barron, Bassett, Beavan, Bennett, Bently, Berlowitz, Bergin, Bevan, Beveridge, Biddle, Bidstrup, Boase, Body, Booth, Bossence, Bourke, Bowring, Boyd, Bradley, Brady, Breen, Brenan, Brennan, Brien, Brown, Brownlee, Buckland, Buckley, Budd, Burdett, Burns, Burrows, Burston, Butler, Byrnes


Cadee, Cahill, Caldwell, Cameron, Camm, Campbell, Carroll, Carty, Castle, Chamberlin, Chambers, Chapman, Charles, Clack, Clancy, Clarke, Cleary, Collard, Collins, Comans, Condon, Conabere, Connor, Conway, Cooke, Coonan, Cooper, Coster, Corboy, Cottrell, Coulson, Courtney, Crane, Crawford, Crossley, Crough, Crowley, Cuddeford, Cullen, Cumming, Cummins, Curry, Curtis


Daley, Dannock, Darby, Dau, Davis, Denehy, Dillon, Dougall, Doolan, Dowling, Down, Doyle, Ducat, Dunk, Dunn, Durkin, Duthy, Dwyer


Eades, Easdale, Eastan, Edkins, Edwards, Egan, English, Evans


Fawkner, Fennelly, Ficken, Field, Figgins, Finlay, Finn, Finnin, Fitzgerald, Fitzjohn, Fitzpatrick, Fitzwilliam, Flack, Fleury, Flynn, Fogarty, Foley, Foote, Ford, Franklin


Gannan, Gardiner, Geary, Geoghegan, Gibson, Gilbert, Gilfedder, Glanville, Gleeson, Glover, Good, Gorman, Grace, Graham, Green, Greenshields, Greenwell, Griffin, Groat, Gursanscky


Hadfield, Hamilton, Hammond, Hangan, Hanlon, Harbour, Harrington, Harrison, Hartnell, Hayes, Havey, Heavey, Heffernan, Helms, Herbert, Herlihy, Herrick, Hickey, Higgins, Hildebrand, Hinde, Hobson, Hoctor, Hodger, Hogan, Holland, Holmes, Horwood, Hourigan, Howard, Howden, Hudson, Hughes, Hunt




Jessop, Johnston, Joiner, Jordan


Keane, Kearney, Keenan, Kelly, Kennedy, Kenny, Kerr, King, Kinnear, Kirkwood, Knight, Kyle


Lamb, Langridge, Lamont, Leahy, Leech, Le Nepveu, Leyden, Little, Lobb, Lockwood, Loft, Lowden, Lowry, Lucas, Lupton, Lyster


McAuliffe, McCabe, McCarron, McCarthy, McCartney, McClean, McConville, McCristal, McCulla, McDermott, McDonald, McGowan, McGrath, McIntosh, MacIsaac, McKay, McKenzie, McLean, McLeod, McManus, McMahon, McNabb, McNamara, McPherson, McRae


Madden, Maguire, Mahady, Maher, Maloney, Mannix, Mansfield, Marinovitch, Maroney, Martin, Maygar, Meade, Meiklejohn, Merrill, Miller, Mills, Mitchell, Mitton, Mooney, Moore, Morrissey, Moyle, Mulchinaugh, Mulqueeny, Mulvey, Munt, Mumford, Murdoch, Murphy, Murray, Myors


Nash, Newman, Noel, Noonan


O’Brien, O’Connor, O’Dea, O’Dwyer, Olive, Osborne, O’Shanassy, O’Shea


Palling, Payne, Parish, Parnell, Patton, Peerman, Perry, Pettit, Pierse, Poulter, Proudfoot


Quade, Quinlan, Quinn


Rae, Ragen, Ralph, Rankin, Reddan, Richings, Riley, Roberts, Robinson, Robson, Rogers, Romeril, Rose, Rowe, Rush, Rutledge, Ryan


Saggers, Sanderson, Scott, Semple, Shanahan, Sheedy, Silverman, Singleton, Skeels, Skehan, Skinner, Slatter, Smart, Smedley, Smith, Sorraghan, Speirs, Stafford, Stewart, Stillman, Stray, Sugden, Sullivan, Swan, Swann, Sweeting


Taylor, Thom, Thomas, Tierney, Toohey, Tucker, Turnbull, Turner, Twigg, Twomey


Waddell, Wade, Wallder, Walter, Ward, Warren, Watts, Way, West, Whalan, Wheeler, White, Whitmore, Winnell, Williams, Wilson, Wood, Wylie


Yeaman, Yorston


Other research subjects


Bills Horse Trough

Broadford Police Station

Cobb & Co, Kilmore

Colonial Bank, Kilmore

Crown Reserves, Lamb Street, Kilmore

Kilmore Dairy

Kilmore Golf Club

Kilmore Newspapers

Moranding Station

Moranding West School No 791

Pyalong Recreation Reserve

Lot 15 Fitzroy St, Kilmore

Lot 108, Union Lane, Bylands

5 Piper Street, Kilmore

65 Sutherland St, Kilmore

Rocky Water Holes

Stock and Station Agents, Kilmore

Sydney St and Foote St, Kilmore (NW Corner)

Ticonderoga 1852 (ship)

Wallan Police Station

Wirralee, 64 Melbourne Street, Kilmore

Yea Police


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