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Tuesday Tip 20

No 20 – Hospitals

It was during 1854 that Kilmore locals formed a committee to establish a hospital. At first, a temporary hospital was established in private homes. Honorary services were provided by Doctors Beavan, Bindley and Nicholson.

The committee arranged for a Melbourne Architectural firm to call tenders in December 1858. A local builder, J Mahoney, was successful and the foundation stone was laid on 17 March 1859.

Although not complete, the first patients were admitted on transfer from the temporary hospital in January 1860. This blue stone building remains in use today known as the East Wing, see 1860 image below. The location of the foundation stone is not known, but could be still extant at the east end where the ground has been partially built up with soil.

During 1860 eigthtysix patients were admitted. In 1867 a tender was accepted for the erection of a new two storied bluestone wing. Both wings today are used for administration services. Over the years there have been a number of additions as the Hospital continues to serve Kilmore and District.

It was not until the mid-1930s that a maternity ward was erected. Prior to then mothers either had their babies born at home or in small private hospitals operated by midwives. Also it was unusual for children to be admitted in the 1800s. To read more about the Kilmore and District Hospital and other health services see Maya Tucker’s chapter Tickets to Health, in her book Kilmore on the Sydney road, (1988) pages 108-123.

In relation to hospital records, the Hospital holds a good collection of old documents. Steps are now being taken to digitise these records. Our Society holds an idexed typed copy of the Day Book Register for 1860 to 1881. These are very useful for local and family history research, see sample page below.

Grahame Thom, research officer KHS

East Wing of Kilmore Hospital about 1860
Page from Day Register
Today, looking south from front fence at the oldest part of the Kilmore Hospital’s East Wing built 1859/60
Looking at the west side of the old hospital
Looking south from street

Tuesday Tip 19

No 19 – Newspapers

By far the most important web site for researching old Australia newspapers is the National Library of Australia site called Trove. This site has many sections, including old newspapers, which can be seen by clicking on the first link below. Although this page has a search facility, for newspapers it is best to use Trove’s advanced search page, click on second link below

Here you will be able to search and read the following Kilmore papers.

Kilmore Free Press and Bourke and Dalhousie Advertiser 1865
Kilmore Free Press and Counties of Bourke and Dalhousie Advertiser 1865-1868
Kilmore Free Press 1870-1954
Kilmore Advertiser 1915-1918

See several images below. Our Society holds the following newspapers on microfilm, although some runs are not complete.

Examiner and McIvor Weekly Journal – limited issues in 1856
Kilmore Advertiser 1874-1934
Kilmore Examiner – limited issues in 1856
Kilmore Free Press 1865-1970
Kilmore Standard of Freedom – five issues in 1855
Lancefield Chronicle 1870-1873
Lancefield Examiner 1872-1882
Lancefield Mercury 1876-1920

Also held are hard copies of

Kilmore Free Press 1966-30 August 2015 (ceased publication)
North Central Review 2004-Present

Grahame Thom, research officer KHS

KILMORE ADVERTISER – 9 November 1917